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Queens. The Heteraclub.

We are FINALLY reopening the doors! We are at Impulse-Festival in Mülheim an der Ruhr, June 15-18, 2022. 

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Finally, QUEENS, the Heteraclub, is going to bring some gender equality to St.Pauli’s red light district. Why? It‘s simple: All studies show that a huge percentage of heterasexual women are not satisfied. Neither sexually, nor emotionally. Especially, when they are not 25 anymore. And what else is new? QUEENS, the Heteraclub, is for them, for us. For women, lonely and busy, classy and funny, shy and slutty, who happen to love men. And in turn don’t even get a word for their very own desire anymore. So, let’s reinvent heterasexuality, or as Cat Powers said: Wait a minute, this can take a while… QUEENS is a heteratopia, a temporary club to adress female desire and satisfaction. With the means of art. With tenderness. With beauty. With intimacy among strangers. With truth. Our seven male performers are trained by performance artists and sexperts from London and Hamburg to develop their One-on-One-performance. One-on-One, that means close, really close. And it is all for you. For you to choose from. Join us at the bar, share a drink, a feeling, a story, a massage, a dance, and get to know us. 

„This is our brothel of truth. The place where we mess it all up, where all private things will be work, all work will be love, all love will be care, all care will have a price. This is the place where our truth will be spoken, and nothing but our truth. Because it‘s sexy. And so are we.“

What actually happened? A documentation… sort of. 

Dear english speaking friends, we have completed the documentation of the Heteraclub – see the other pages of this site. It’s all in german, sorry! We just can’t translate it all. But please use google translate to get an impression. It’s worth it. It went far beyond what we expected. I wrote a few reports about my own experience in emails to Joshua Sofaer, one of the trainers of the Heteraclub, who couldn’t be there for the public performance. Instead of a full documentation I’d like to share some of this correspondance with you. 

„The Club is an amazing space that changes and transforms everybody who is getting involved. It is a massive takeover of the heart. People are generous beyond measure, they cry, they share, they cuddle and they desire and they actually release. There is so much love there, It is magic, everybody is in awe. I’m sorry it sounds so corny. But that’s how it is. Of course, people are all kinds of tense or determined, it is a huge range and the logistics are really complex. There is a hype now and we were at max capacity the second day. To tell you the truth: It is extremely hard work to keep this intense room for seven hours in the right flow, keeping it a safe and exciting place, cook it up and simmer it down. And for opening the space it is always necessary to put some real vulnerability out there. Charlotte and I are oversharing a lot – to create sisterhood, while the guys are all working in series. Still, it is an almost private space, which is perfect.“

„There was a queen who came today for the third time, always in a different, delicately chosen identity. There was a queen who said in the circle of the broken hearted, that before coming to the club there were years in which she felt that loneliness  took over ever bigger parts of her life like black mould. There was a queen who had her first orgasm with someone in the same room with her in many years. There was a queen who broke a glass on the floor and then took the hoover to clean up and improvised a pole dancing show the thing for all the other queens. There was a queen, who had waited for the club to open, because she wanted to test some limits. Asked for her wishes she demanded all the performers to let their pants down and show their dicks.  We took it with grace, – dignity and tenderness. Every night some queens fall in love with us so badly, that they don’t want to leave. They stay for 9 hours, until we switch on the neon lights to finally go to bed (just now). As we are sold out every evening, the guys are all doing between 6 and 8 performances a day. We hardly see them in the salon. The salon turned into this sea of women, who suddenly enjoy each others company. One queen wrote on the blog: „Very political to learn social intimacy by desiring the men together not against each other. To learn, that there is enough for everyone, if we just stop competing.“ Sometimes I sit in the white chair and and with the wink of an eye I command the boys to perform their dances, their lip-syncs, their littles solos. And when Charlotte and I then start whispering  all kinds of hetera-experiences, about how to devise masturbation fantasies, about broken pussies, vibrators or hearts, people actually trust us. To be honest: We are seductive beyond measure. I think there were four queens so far which we couldn’t reach, all the others now tell all their girlfriends about it. It is a storm of love. Everybody had to professionalize real quick, and the guys really did, all the one-on-ones stand and work.  It feels like a high point in what I will ever be able to achieve in my work. I’m La Pimp.“

„I’m coming down from a level of intensity I have not witnessed ever before in my life.  It was surely the most physical thing I ever did. Charlotte and I performed for about 9 hours without the smallest break, without time to eat most nights. Sometimes I performed topless and in all kinds of slightly disturbing outfits, which made queens relax. I was told, that it was liberating to see how little I cared for how I looked (?!). I told all my stories, all the things I wrote to you in all of my emails, at least three times – I lead so many circles of wishes, circles of the broken hearted, circles of this and of that with ever more and more queens coming in. And we always had to open the round, break the silence, break the taboo, create the space for the others to speak and to let go and to act up. I celebrated being horny and being needy and being hurt and falling in love and passion and pleasure and dirty wellness and awkwardness and being pussy of the month over and over and over. With ever more and more queens throwing their stories and their bodies back at us. And it worked.  It didn’t feel like an orgy though, very different then the anonymity of a swinger club. It felt very personal, like an instant love affair of the many. And we got dozens of love letters telling us that queens felt exactly that. It was such a romance. One of the big reviews  said that the club felt more real than reality, finally celebrating the end of patriarchy.  We all cried at the end yesterday and said goodbye by French kissing everybody to everybody – without the kissing foil. It was so kitsch to end our sacred safety rules like that and then say goodbye.“

All pictures taken by the marvellous Margaux Weiß. 



Here you find our heterasexual pinup-calendar for 2020 for download. Print it and make 2020 your year of heterasexuality!