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Queens. The Heteraclub.

Finally, QUEENS, the Heteraclub, is going to bring some gender equality to St.Pauli’s red light district. Why? It‘s simple: All studies show that a huge percentage of heterasexual women are not satisfied. Neither sexually, nor emotionally. Especially, when they are not 25 anymore. And what else is new? QUEENS, the Heteraclub, is for them, for us. For women, lonely and busy, classy and funny, shy and slutty, who happen to love men. And in turn don’t even get a word for their very own desire anymore. So, let’s reinvent heterasexuality, or as Cat Powers said: Wait a minute, this can take a while… QUEENS is a heteratopia, a temporary club to adress female desire and satisfaction. With the means of art. With tenderness. With beauty. With intimacy among strangers. With truth. Our seven male performers are trained by performance artists and sexperts from London and Hamburg to develop their One-on-One-performance. One-on-One, that means close, really close. And it is all for you. For you to choose from. Join us at the bar, share a drink, a feeling, a story, a massage, a dance, and get to know us. 

„This is our brothel of truth. The place where we mess it all up, where all private things will be work, all work will be love, all love will be care, all care will have a price. This is the place where our truth will be spoken, and nothing but our truth. Because it‘s sexy. And so are we.“

Here you find our heterasexual pinup-calendar for 2020 for download. Print it and make 2020 your year of heterasexuality!